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The long analysis on this page is a general explanation of the energies you were born with and how that impacts your financial life, love life, and health. You can order the general remedies based on your most urgent needs right now from the other pages at But if you get a personal reading by our advisors, you'll get a much more precise diagnosis and remedy. It's basically the difference between buying an over-the-counter pain reliever versus getting a doctor's prescription for a much stronger remedy. You'll also be able to ask three questions. Allow 48 hours for a text written result in your profile page.

This page is your starting point for seeing into your future. The results from this page are the key to knowing when you will be powerful and when you will be vulnerable. The results will also tell you with whom you will be powerful and with whom you will be opposed. This page gives you the key to knowing who what where and when will be your ally or your enemy. And that key is knowing yourself. Next, compare yourself to the people who are already in your life to see if they are helping you achieve your goals or sabotaging your dreams at If the people who are sabotaging your dreams are family members that you cannot or do not want to leave, there are even remedies to bridge your differences here at