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Complete Destiny Analysis

This is like a traditional 8 pillars complete destiny or fate profile. Difference is that our metrics is based on astronomy not astrology, physics not superstition. With this profile, you can learn all your strengths, weaknesses, predict opportunities and crisis, and learn what you need to craft the universe you want to see.
3 uses 8 uses per month 21 uses per month

Soulmate Birthdates

Birthdates of all the people who can supercharge your life. These people eliminate your weaknesses and supercharge your strengths.
3 uses 3 uses per month 8 uses per month

60 Month Destiny Forecast

Long term planning for parents and executives.
3 uses 3 uses per month 9 uses per month

Soulmate Connect

Contact with new members who are your soulmates.
1 uses per month 5 uses per month

Birthdate Harmonics Comparison

Compare two birthdates or even a company or stock launch date for compatibility.
3 uses 3 uses per month 8 uses per month

Mind Body Health Diagnosis

Diagnose your health and mental state.
3 uses 8 uses per month Unlimited
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