This page is for monthly premium members only. You will be given your geo-supercharging locations and directions.

Physical locations on earth where you will be supercharged and shielded from the harmful destructive energies that attack you. We've all been places where we feel at peace, rejuvenated, powerful, and even protected. This is because these places emit enemy canceling energy that simultaneously supercharge your own energy. This works just like a noise canceling headset. If you must meet your enemy, bring them here. They will be powerless.

This page will tell you where you need to be. It's best if you live here, work here, and meditate here. This page also tells you where you need to be relative to your supercharging center by compass direction. Finally, it tells you what direction your head must be facing when sleeping so your spine acts like an antenna and resonates with the natural harmonic energy at these locations. Set up your desk and chairs so you face the opposite direction when sitting.

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